Why Your Diet Is Not Working!

08 May 2014 Phyl London No Comments Exercise, Nutrition

I decided to write a part II to the “Undiet” Blog I posted last month.  I wanted to share with you what can happen to your body if you continuously diet in a way that leads you omitting food groups or depriving yourself. As we’ve discussed, this can lead to binging, excess weight gain, and […]

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Don’t Diet your Life Away. Undiet your Life.

13 Apr 2014 Phyl London No Comments Nutrition

It is a common misconception that “dieting” and exercising are the keys to achieving your best body. In fact, “dieting” could quite possibly be the worst thing you can do for your body if you want to achieve a life-long, lean, toned body. Diets often lead to omitting certain food groups or even skipping meals. These […]

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