WELL Summit NYC 2018

WELL Summit NYC 2018

02 Sep 2018 Phyl London No Comments Exercise, Hollistic, Nutrition, Pilates, Sleep, Wellnees

Do you know about the WELL Summit in NYC? I attended my first WELL Summit here in Boston in April and it was an amazing experience to spend the day with so many entrepreneurs and Health & Wellness professionals.

Think of this Summit as your meeting place for everything you love about wellness.

As a Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor I work with hundreds of clients, educating them about how to live a healthy lifestyle through moderate exercise, mindful eating, and ample rest/recovery. I am so excited to learn more about how to incorporate #nontoxic wellness into my brand and lifestyle for all my clients!

If you are a heath professional and working toward living an even healthier lifestyle, then the WELL Summit is for you to grow both professionally and personally.

The WELL Summit speaks to me becauseit aligns with my Bodiphy, it is dedicated to promote 360° holistic wellness while also incorporating nutrition, fitness, being mindful and improving mental health. I am striving to learn more about taking care of the environment, especially my personal environment where I live and work.

The WELL Summit recommends and promotes nontoxic brands that can replace our most common house hold cleaners, skin care, beauty products, even snacks & drinks and more.

If you want to learn more about 360° Wellness and live a healthier and more fulfilling life, then sign up for this amazing 2 day wellness retreat ♥️!

Check out more at WELL Summit and the amazing panel of women who will be sharing their stories and advice about healthier living.

Buy tickets here!

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