Featured RUNA Tea Ambassador

Featured RUNA Tea Ambassador

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Phyl London is the creator of Bodiphy┬« a lifestyle that incorporates healthy behaviors that are sustainable, effective and will bring endless benefits to your overall health for the rest of your life. Bodiphy┬« brings you through a full-body experience of Pilates, Barre, strength and alignment training. This method maximizes muscle activation in all of the muscles, including the smaller ones that rarely get the attention they deserve and focuses on these muscle groups resulting in a strong, lean, and toned physique. Phyl encourages moderate exercise, mindful eating, and ample rest for muscle recovery. One of the most important aspects of achieving long-term results is to become in tune with your body’s needs. Phyl’s philosophy is to “Train Smarter. Not Harder.

FAVORITE RUNA FLAVOR: Lemon Lemongrass, but I would love to try Sweet Peach.

WHY DO YOU DRINK RUNA? Runa Tea revives my energy and helps me accomplish all my daily goals.

PERSONAL FACTS: Grow my Brand Bodiphy and want to build my relationships with companies like Runa to help promote a healthy lifestyle.

FAVORITE MUSIC: Cold Play, Ed Sheran, Pop Music and Top 40

QUIRKY FACTS: Love to binge watch an entire season of a show in a weekend. Love singing Kareoke, I sleep 10 hours/night. I buy flowers for my friends for every occasion….I wear Leg warmers even in 90 degree heat and I am addicted to social Media.

SOCIAL ISSUES, CAUSES, OR NON-PROFITS: I volunteer for the Healthworks Community Fitness a Non Profit. I follow and donate to this animal shelter in Chicago called Trio Animal Foundation. They do amazing work saving dogs in the Chicago area.

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