Featured as Prismsport Activista

Featured as Prismsport Activista

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For the month of July, we are profiling PRISMSPORT Activista, Phyl London! Phyl is an exceptional trainer and creator of Bodiphy®, a full mind/body workout. Read her interview to learn how she connects the mind and body for ultimate results as well as some videos to help you put her practice to the test!

Tell us about your background with fitness.
I started my Fitness career over 15 years ago while in college at the University of Massachusetts. I got hooked on exercise physiology during my very first exercise science class! I loved learning about the body, anatomy, and the energy systems in the body. I was hooked on studying the exercise physiology, anatomy and how the body works. I continued on to become a teaching assistant for the class, got my group exercise certification and began teaching group fitness, personal training and working and managing the UMass fitness centers.

After UMASS, I got a Master’s in Education at University of Connecticut specializing in Exercise Physiology and Fitness Management. After Grad school and originally from Connecticut I wanted to live in a nearby City, so between Boston and NY, I decided on Boston because I had family and friends here.

I became a top trainer at Healthworks, the first company I applied to and am still working for 16 years later. Like most of you, I was a cardio junkie. My weekly workouts consisted of excessive running and teaching cardio classes. Then I sprained my ankle. Unable to run or do step aerobics, I became frustrated and grew depressed. Desperate to stay in shape, I enrolled in a STOTT Pilates course. To my surprise, Pilates made me stronger and leaner than all my cardio workouts had. Plus, it strengthened my core and improved my alignment, balance and control. During that same period, I experimented with a multi-movement body weighted exercise routine that also increased my heart rate and gave me that runner’s high. The dramatic mental and physical changes I experienced inspired me to transition my clients to this new workout philosophy. That was 14 years ago, since then I have helped hundreds of women overcome the way they think about exercise and finally achieve their goals, all without excessive cardio.

What inspired you to create Bodiphy®?
In 2013, I decided to take my ideas global and auditioned for an online reality fitness show called Fit or Flop in NYC. I was scared to show my method and realized very quickly that auditioning is very different from teaching a class to regular clients. After what I would describe as a humbling experience, I made it to the next round and worked very hard to build my audience of voters.

I was so amazed at how many people supported my journey and followed the creation and growth of my brand and in May 2013 I won Fit or Flop America’s Next Best Fitness Stars Competition! A bonus to winning was that Apogee Media, the sponsor of the event, helped me brand and market the creation of Bodiphy®.
Bodiphy® is a mind and full body workout designed to lengthen and strengthen the entire body. I have helped women shape their bodies back together after years and years of over exercise and dieting or having children. These women usually come to me when they are mentally and physically broken and cannot push themselves anymore. Bodiphy® is a “Treat Your Body Well” fitness philosophy that helps women heal and begin to see results again.

How does Bodiphy® help align the mind body and spirit?
Bodiphy® is a series of movements that combines Pilates, strength and bar workouts that naturally challenges the heart rate. This workout leaves people feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, not exhausted and depleted. I teach my clients that they can achieve their fitness goals through moderate exercise, mindful eating and ample rest.

My clients range from college students all the way to college professors, one aged 75 years. The majority of my clients are moms who are trying get their post baby bodies back after having children, but I also work with empty nesters that are in their 60’s and have needed hip replacements and other various restorative surgeries. Every day, I bring my clients my knowledge of how to use muscles correctly and safely, but still find new ways to challenge them differently each workout and requires minimal cardio. Bodiphy® produces results, it is sustainable, attainable and a reasonable workout to last a lifetime.

What PRISMSPORT print are you currently living in?
I love love love the PRISMSPORT leggings of any print, but my absolute favorite prints are Twilight and Python!

A common misconception in getting fit involves a lot of crash training and dieting in which many end up plateauing. What advice could you give to those who are just starting their fitness journey and want long-term results?
One of my biggest pet peeves about some fitness trends and workouts is that they encourage people to workout and diet obsessively and constantly to be fit. People are brainwashed to believe that they need to push harder and workout more to gain and keep results. They are told it is necessary to be the best, “kill it”, “no pain no gain” and made to feel guilty if they miss a workout. I feel other workout methods have it backwards. My method is realistic; I set reasonable and attainable fitness goals for my clients. I teach my clients to workout the optimal amount to achieve their goals. The key is to focus on multi-movement exercises that incorporate the ABC’s of fitness; alignment, balance and core all which will maximize muscle efficiency and help lead clients to safely get the results they are looking for.

Do you believe in working out everyday? How do you incorporate rest and recovery in your weekly workout routine?
I start all my clients with Core Homework, a basic routine that can be done at home or in the gym a few times a week. It strengthens the core, which is the foundation of movement. I recommend this Core Homework 3x per week and then build from there. Many TV fitness shows encourage people to workout many hours each day; I think that can discourage people from starting a workout routine and cause overuse or repetitive injuries, not to mention leave the client feeling starving and depleted of energy. I focus on building exercise into a client’s lifestyle by walking or riding a bike to work or to the gym. I also produce YouTube videos that people can do anywhere to fit into their lifestyle. If people start with even 10 minutes 3x a week, they will feel better and be more motivated to do more. Clients will feel better in 1 week; look better in 4 weeks and experience long-term results. Bodiphy is more than a workout, it’s lifestyle and a better way to take control of your health.

Why do you choose to wear PRISMSPORT?
I love all of the prints! A trainer’s uniform is usually all black. When I am producing my own videos or out walking my dog, I look forward to putting on something other than a solid colored outfit. The prints brighten up my day ☺

What cardio routine would you recommend to get the best results for someone with an on-the-go lifestyle?
I find building in fitness is the best way for people with busy schedules to get their workouts in. Combining multi-movement exercises can get the heart rate up and be both a cardio and strength workout in one. If someone loves doing traditional cardio, I certainly won’t discourage, but I may have them rethink how they do the cardio and make sure they are not doing the same repetitive movement over and over again. Teaching clients to cross train and moderate their cardio is the key for clients to see results. I encourage clients to make time for strength training, as it will actually help them to increase their metabolism more than a basic cardio session on the treadmill. For people who love the treadmill for cardio, I have a “Dancing on the Mill” cardio workout that goes beyond basic running.

What does a typical breakfast, lunch, and dinner look like for you?
I always start with my Chobani yogurt, pineapple and added probiotics and 1/2 cup of gluten free oatmeal. Pineapple aids in digestion and reduces symptoms like acid re flux that many people suffer from.

My snack is usually organic salt and vinegar almonds from Organic Living Superfoods or a Larabar with a Runa Tea, guayusa is a naturally caffeinated tree leaf brewed like a tea and provides me clean energy that slowly releases throughout the day.

Lunch is usually a grain (like brown rice or sweet potato), vegetables and some type of protein (beef, chicken or egg).

Dinner is usually delicious salad that I prepare with organic baby greens, cucumbers, carrots; peppers, a protein, nuts and cheese drizzled with olive oil and vinegar from my favorite place Boston Olive Oil Co.

Snacks can be veggies, barney butter and gluten free crackers or left overs of my earlier meals.

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