Bodiphy Triple Core Workout #1

Bodiphy Triple Core Workout #1

15 Jul 2014 Phyl London No Comments Core, Exercise, Pilates

I hear all the time how my clients don’t have a lot of time to workout at home.  For those of you who know me, you know how much I Love Core Workouts.  If you train with me in Boston you know you are required to start every workout session with core work.  I decided to start a series using all Core moves for the workout that not only strengthens the whole body, but also increases the heart rate.

Join me for my new Workout Series Bodiphy Triple Core #1.  This workout consists of 3 Full Body Core Exercises and finishes with stretches to further lengthen the body.  This workout targets the entire body and boost the metabolism.  The workout is challenging, efficient and most importantly….fast.  All triple Core workouts are under 8 minutes of course you are feeling motivated after one round, you turn the video on again to repeat all of the exercises.

There are no excuses not to do a short workout since there is no equipment and it can be done anywhere!

Bodiphy Triple Core Series #1:

Start with 4 -8 reps of all the exercises and work up to taking no breaks between the exercises.  Start with one round of the exercises and when you get stronger and feel more motivated….restart the video as many as 3 times.

1.  Full Plank to One Arm Side Plank with Leg Extension

Start in full plank, rotate your body to one side and stabilize on one arm as you bend the stabilizing leg while extending the opposite leg straight out.  Focusing on engaging gluts, return back to plank.  Alternate both sides for 4-8 reps.



side plan with rotation

2.  Shell Stretch less than 10 sec


3.  Plank and Press Back to One Leg Downward Dog

Make sure to engage lats when pulling back into plank.  Pressing back and lifting one leg up to the ceiling or the sky.  Make sure to engage the core.  Repeat this 4-8 reps both sides.


4.  Shell Stretch for less than 10 sec


5.  Reverse One Leg Back Bend Bridge

Start in a sitting position one leg straight and one leg bent while resting on one hand.  Inhale to prepare and on an exhale press your body up and “upside down” to strengthen and lengthen the whole body.

Do 4-8 reps on one side and then repeat the other side.

inverted bridge


inverted bridge2

6.  Thigh Stretch

Kneeling on top of knees, with the control of the abdominals, lean back to stretch the quads, stabilizing in the gluts and abdominal ls to keep the body from falling backwards.  Repeat 4-8 reps as you feel comfortable.

thigh stretch


Thigh stretch2

7.  Camel Stretch

Stretching back to take one hand and then the other to old the heels and stretch back and open.

Hold 10-30 sec.  If you can hold it comfortably for longer, go for it!

camile stretch

8.   Final Shell Stretch for 30-60 sec



Enjoy this workout, I hope you love it!!!

Workout with me on my YouTube Channel Phyl London.

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