Abs Are Made in the Kitchen and The Rest of Your Body Can Be Too!!!

Abs Are Made in the Kitchen and The Rest of Your Body Can Be Too!!!

20 Jul 2014 Phyl London No Comments Core, Exercise, Nutrition, Pilates

If you live in the Northeast you experienced an extremely cold winter.  As I have written in my other blogs I recommend you use the seasons to your advantage to stay in shape however, this winter was unusually brutal and I found it difficult to keep up my more active lifestyle.

Needless to say when Fit or Flop emailed me 6/1 to book my final video shoot for 7/18, I knew I had to make my strength and health my number 1 priority.  I had 7 weeks to lean out and get into shape both endurance, physcially and mentally.  I admit I was a little frustrated from the winter blues and had slacked off my workouts. Staying on a workout and healthy eating style go hand and hand and the video shoot was all I needed to motivate me to regain my health.  I want to share with you my 7 week journey and help you commit to your healthy workout and nutrition lifestyle and of course “Treat Your Body Well.”

My routine for the 7 weeks consisted of 2 hour workouts in the gym, short bike rides and under 10 minute workouts each day. Mondays at 10am worked out with my Bodiphy Strength Class (Body Shop).  I used light weights and focused on my core to strengthen my entire body and my second gym workout was Bodiphy Length, (coming soon Apogeelife.com) my unique combination of Pilates, Yoga and Bar.  I took my own advice and advantage of the beautiful weather and made sure to ride my bike 7 minutes to and from the gym Monday – Friday.  The ride is only 7 minutes each way and of course I train 3-5 hours at the gym once I am there.  On the days that I wasn’t working out in the gym, I would either film and workout in a 10 minutes or less videos or turn on one of my YouTube Videos and do it at home.  If you follow me on YouTube, I posted What’s in my Grocery Bag and some healthy quick meals for the week and post workout snack options. I was taking all the advice I was giving to you.  I planned out all my meals and made sure to go to the grocery store on either Sunday or Monday so I would have healthy options at home which made it easy to make the right food choices for the week.

I realized that I was putting my Bodiphy method to the test and it was amazing for me to become my own client.  In the first 2 weeks I noticed my strength increase but had no change in my body.  Week 4,  I noticed my body start to lean out and by week 7, I was feeling amazing and I could really see the changes in my body.  In the past, my body would have leaned out in 2 week, but because I am older and my metabolism is more stubborn, I had to remind myself that it might take more time, dedication and patience to see results.

After successfully testing out my own Bodiphy method I want to share my recommendations with you.  First, find 2 gym workouts that you like either a class or training session with your favorite trainer.  If you sit for your daily job, then get to the gym early and do 7-15 minutes of a light cardio warm up, something upright since you were sitting all day, if you stand for a living then use the bike as your warm up or if you know how to do a functional warm up, you can do that.  Working out for weight loss is additive, so you can spread out your exercise throughout the day and week by building in 10 minute workouts into your schedule each day. Again if you sit all day, do a 10 minute workout in the morning before work and an 10 minute workout when you get home on your days off from the gym.  Try to walk, ride your bike or even park further from your office and walk the rest of the way each day.   I did not crash diet to get in shape for the videos.  I focused on eating whole foods and lean meats and lots of vegetables and snacked on nuts, veggies and hummus.  Make sure to plan and stock your fridge with healthy meals and snacks so that you can eat healthy during the week and then enjoy your weekends with friends and family.

The workout of the week, Bodiphy Kitchen Workout fits perfectly with my recommendations because this 8 minute workout can be done right at home in your kitchen while your meals are cooking.  This is the perfect workout to build into your “off gym” day routine.

kitchen workout

Try 8-12 reps of all exercise and do the routine 1x for an 8 minute workout a second time to double the workout.

1.  Squats

Stand in front of your kitchen chair and squat down to hover right about the chair.  Keep your feet hip width distance apart and squat back in to your seat.


2.  Push Ups

Off the kitchen table or your counter top.


3.  Curtsy Lunges

Curtsy lunges balancing or holding on to a chair.

curtsy lunges

4.  Dips

Keeps legs straight out bend and press from the elbow to activate the triceps.


Modification is with  bent knees and press through the gluts to assist the triceps.


5.  Plies

Use Balance or the back of the chair to stabalize.


6.  Quad Stretch

Stretch both legs.  Great thing to do before the Glut work.

quad Stretch

7.  Glut Extension

Hinge over and rest hands on chair or table, extend leg and press heel to ceiling 8x and 8x pulses

Don’t forget to Treat Your Body Well.  You will succeed at your goals by being dedicated to your healthy lifestyle.  It may take time, but be patient and you will see results!

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