Winter Health Guide

Winter Health Guide

29 Dec 2018 Phyl London No Comments Core, Exercise, Hollistic, Pilates, Sleep, Uncategorized, Wellnees


Here are easy ways to jumpstart your workout and keep you motivated this winter season. Don’t overthink it, but rather look for opportunities to naturally make good choices in terms of your health, wellness and diet.
1. Do one movement activity every day. Take the stairs, do squats while brushing your teeth, vacuum/clean your home, stretch while watching your favorite show! There are countless ways to get your body moving and they don’t require a trip to the gym.
2. I know it’s freezing but bundle up and get walking as much as possible! In addition to getting your heart rate up, exposure to fresh air and sunshine during the winter are important to maintaining a healthy outlook. I am still riding my bike to the gym every day until the snow and ice make it impossible.
3. Use snowstorms as a workout opportunity. Shoveling is great exercise. Just make sure to ask your trainer about appropriate shoveling techniques and remember NOT TO HOLD YOUR BREATH!

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