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July is here and I know a lot of you will be going on vacations.  So I decided to film some summertime outdoor-inspired workouts.  I have been looking for pretty locations to film the workouts so that you can enjoy the background while you’re on vacation!

My Bodiphy Resistance Band Workout is perfect for you to do while you are traveling because the band is easy to pack and doesn’t take up room in your suitcase.  This quick workout is especially good after sitting for long periods of time whether it’s from working at a desk, as well as after long drives and other forms of travel.

You can buy either the light or medium resistance bands from Amazon.

Prolonged sitting and computer work combined with bad posture causes the chest,hip flexors, back and glut, the underutilized muscles, to weaken.  This easy to do 10 min workout is especially great to strengthen the upper back and lengthen the chest as well as strengthen the gluts and lengthen the hip flexors – exactly what you need after a long work day or a long day of travel (or before a long day of lounging on the beach!)

In this workout, exercises start with 4-8 reps. You can do the routine once or 2 sets of all the exercises for a longer workout. This is a routine can be done every day because it is gentle yet efficiently targets the whole body with a few stretches to round out the workout.  While doing the workout, listen for my suggestions about good form.

Seated cross legged exercises or legs out in front of you slightly bent.

1.  External Rotation

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Wrap band around back and hold opposite band with opposite side hand. Keep elbows fixed in space and rotate open from the shoulder girdle to externally orate the arms.

This exercise strengthens shoulder girdle and upper back. Opens up hips and strengthens core to sit tall.

2.  Horizontal Abduction

horizontal ab

Hold the band out in front of you and pull the band open at shoulder height until band draws right in front of the chest.

3.  Lat Pull Down

lat pulldown

Hold band overhead and pull the arms wide and back while bringing band close to chest.

**Note always pull in front of the chest never behind the head to avoid should injuries.

4.  Bridge

glut bridge

With the band pinned around the pelvis for added resistance, this will add resistance to the bridge

5.  Hip Dancing

glut bridge

Keep hips up and alternate each side hip bone higher than the other whole maintaining the hip height.

6.  Glut Extension

glut extension 2

Place the bland carefully wrapped around the ball of the foot.  Press the leg while focusing on the glut to extend the leg back to straight.  First lengthen the hamstring by sliding the leg back first and then lift the leg to hip height.  Avoid rotation at the hip.

**Make sure the band is all the way around the ball of the foot so you don’t lose it.

7.  Bent knee glut extension pulses

glut extension

Curl the heel carefully into a right angle and pulse the heel up to the ceiling or in this case the sky.

8.  Side lying quad stretch

quad stretch

This is great to do after a workout, traveling or sitting all day.

9.  Double leg quad stretch

double leg stretch

This Stretch will help to open up chest and stretch the quads.

Make sure to press the feet into the hands to bring the body into extension.

10.  Shell stretch


Abs and thighs don’t touch to stretch the back and strengthen the abs

11.  Swan extension


This exercise will lengthen the abdominal muscles and strengthen the back and gluts.

12.  Mermaid stretch


This will further stretch out the hips and obliques.

In this video I am wearing my absolute favorite Prismsport Lace Leggins.  Check them out here.

If you are looking for post workout nutrition ideas, look no further…….

post workout

This Post Workout Nutrition Video shows a healthy option that is easy prepare at the beginning of the week and have it ready to eat after your workouts. After a workout, your muscles are looking to replenish energy. It’s important to eat the right amount of protein and carbohydrates after a workout for optimal recovery.  Specifically, a 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein has been linked to peak recovery by sports nutritionists. Nourish your body with meals such as milk, yogurt & berries, veggies with lean chicken, and brown rice and an eggs.

Enjoy the workout and post workout meal!!!!!!


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