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Featured as Prismsport Activista

17 Apr 2016 Phyl London No Comments Exercise, Nutrition, Pilates, Sleep, Uncategorized

For the month of July, we are profiling PRISMSPORT Activista, Phyl London! Phyl is an exceptional trainer and creator of Bodiphy®, a full mind/body workout. Read her interview to learn how she connects the mind and body for ultimate results as well as some videos to help you put her practice to the test! Tell […]

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Why Good Posture is the Best Thing you can do for your Body

27 Jan 2015 Phyl London No Comments Core, Exercise, Pilates

Remember when your mother used to tell you to stand up straight? Well, this blog post is going to sound nothing like her (probably), but I AM going to tell you to stand up straight. Why? Because it’s the most important lesson I can teach you as a Master Trainer and Pilates Instructor. Proper posture […]

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